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We currently have three main activities:

Good Career programme – This promotes applied ethics in graduate employment, working with stakeholders across Universities and our own Good Works Society for students.

Faith in Work – A research project with partners in academia and civil society. This engages with established professionals to understand the impact of different beliefs, values and worldviews in the workplace.

Building bridges – We only work in partnerships and we also encourage the people of good will that we encounter to establish other similar partnerships for the common good so that our collective impact can be greater than the sum of the parts, rather than less. Our newest partner is the international ‘Economy of Communion’ movement of ‘with profit social enterprises’ which is thriving in 51 countries but is yet to establish itself in the UK. 

To help our volunteers and supporters to develop the skills for ethics advocacy in the workplace we are also developing the concept of a Good Works Academy to teach practical skills like ethical negotiation and public speaking. Feel free to get in touch if we can be of help and vice versa. Latest update 27/2/17

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