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Good Works is independent and open to everyone who knows every human being matters.

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Focus on what unites rather than divides us

We invite you to share your ideas and networks with others so that together we can make our workplaces more civil and more civilising.
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Our logo expresses our openness and that includes working with people of different
Faiths and other belief systems that are
based on humanitarian values.

As a Catholic I don’t think I have
any monopoly on wisdom or justice
and what’s more I think any theologian
who says I do is wrong.

Mike Rebeiro, Partner for Global Technology, Norton Rose Fulbright, author and former Catholic Seminarian

Individual paths may be different,
but our Hindu principles of sewa (selfless
service) and dharma (doing one’s duty),
and the wisdom behind them,
are present across faiths.

Pratik Dattani, MD Economics Policy Group

A belief I hold is that
we need no beliefs. In travelling
the world I observe that we share
so much more than what makes us
different:all humanity agrees on
the values of family, children,
community, love, security, purpose,
and fulfilment. What we’ve forgotten
is our profound and essential
connection with that which made us:
our great and sustaining earth.
Water, food, oxygen: all taken for
granted but without which we would
die in minutes. We must reclaim our
sense of service to her and to each
other, for our purpose is to serve
those who will come after. All of
them, human, animal, vegetable
or mineral.

Mark Thompson, Founder of Courageous Life and Holos Change

In the name of Allah
the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent…

In Islam the respect and love given
to Prophets Abraham, Jesus and Moses
(to name a few) sets the tone for
our interaction on every level with
one another of whatever faith or
belief. This message is lost on a
handful of people, but is ingrained
in the hearts of many of the
followers of Islam. This together
with the many examples of the manner
in which the Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) treated people
of other faiths, the pre-requisites
for compassion, kindness, love, mercy
and understanding in every strand of
our life to everyone, no matter their
background or belief, is what should
and will ensure that in the end good
will prevail over everything else.
This will only be done when good men
and women continue to persevere in
working together to promote understanding
and knowledge, to reject misunderstandings
and misinterpretations and to promote
tolerance towards one another will those
who seek to divide us and sow the seeds
of hatred be defeated.
The workplace is no exception.

Ifath Nawaz, Council Member
Faiths Forum for London
and Vice President Association of Muslim Lawyers UK


“Conviction with selfless love, not arrogance or complacency”


Staying True at Work

In the same spirit we invite people to explore ‘good ethics’ by being true to their own beliefs and with an attitude of openness to ‘the other’. That is, with the sense of grace that comes with the acceptance that none of us has a monopoly on wisdom or good. Plurality of thought will help us see the full picture and flourish together.

For people of Faith we pose this question – Can you be true to your Faith with a ‘big F’ if in the workplace routine this does not translate into faith with a ‘small f’?

Many of our founding members are Catholics and they already co-host and co-badge meetings and blogs with Catholic thinkers and partner organisations to explore this big F and little f together. We invite you to share with Good works what you are doing to explore Good ethics both whether with peers who share your beliefs or peers who don’t.

There are a number of other organisations working in this space, in particular you may be interested in Together for the Common Good which is ‘encouraging all people of goodwill to work together as agents of change for the common good.’ To learn more about their work click here


Together for The Common Good website


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