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We bring insights, events and partnering to those who value
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Good works makes it easier to help each other create a more ethical workplace

Good Works brings together people and ideas so we can do the right thing wherever we work. We do this by partnering with likeminded people to share insights and stage events. 

Based on a credible framework of universal ethical principles or ‘good ethics’, Good Works networks across the private, public, charity or social enterprise sectors.

Our support is drawn from individual professionals and entrepreneurs from different disciplines and generations from people starting out on their careers, people at the peak of their careers and people who are winding down and wanting to share their experience and contacts.

Orange Circles 2The two interlocking hoops in our logo is a timeless symbol that represents a healthy and humanitarian attitude to others that Good Works wishes to promote. Click here to find out more.

“Our lives begin to end the day we are silent about things that matter.”


‘There is an alternative’ and it starts in your workplace

Good Works has found its voice over the last two years by virtue of the conversations we have had with so many interesting people both online and at events. A highlight has been our series of Buffet Talks and in particular a response by Fr Pat Reardon, one of our academic speakers, to a question from the audience. The question was “what do you think is the biggest threat to The Common Good?”. His reply was that this was “TINA, the belief that there is no alternative to letting things go and giving up hope”. Click here to see the notes from that Buffet Talk on The Common Good.

Well, maybe Good Works starts with hope but that is just the foundation. We believe we need to go one step further and turn that hope into something concrete through our own choices and actions.

Walking down this path does require being honest with ourselves and this includes acknowledging that each one of us is both part of the solution and part of the problem. Looking at the world through the filter of “them and us” and ascribing the world’s problems to others is just another way of seeing ourselves as being separate from the whole.


What we are not
We are not idealists but rather realists. Idealists are people who forget that behind the labels through which they view the world, there are real people who have to live with the consequences of their actions, whether that be a rogue trader or tax evader.


Who we are
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