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Chairman – David Roberts Treasurer & Secretary – Kathleen Kelliher Strategy & Funding Oversight – Brian Gilliland, Bram Vueghs, Dr Maria Power.


Business Development & Co-Founder – Nick Franchini, Creative Director – Stephen Charlton, Administration – David Roberts, Accounts – Kathleen Kelliher, Website Sub Editor – Hannah Woolley, Social Networks Editor & Link to Good Works Society – Alessia Cesana, Web Sub Editor & Good Works Society – Hannah Woolley.

Dr Anna Abram, Heythrop College (Contemporary ethics), Prof Chris Baker (University of Chester and William Temple Foundation), Barry Dwyer, London Met University (Business) also on our Board of Writers, Gherardo Gherardi, London Met University (Micro-economics) also on our Board of Writers, Alessandro Giudici, Cass Business School (Corporate Strategy), Maria Power, Liverpool University (Theology, Peace & Reconciliation) Fr Martin Poulsom, Heythrop College (Theology), Adrian Pabst, University of Kent (Politics & International Relations), Fr Pat Ryan, Heythrop College (Political Philosophy & Theology), Prof Andre Spicer, Cass Business School (Business, Ethos Centre), Anna Strhan, University of Kent (Theology).


Alessia portraitAlessia Cesana
Good Works Social Networks Editor
and History Student at Birkbeck College

Why I write for Good Works  
I am really interested in how we can reinvent markets and government to serve The Common Good. Good Works helps me bring together my Catholic faith with my interest in business and politics. This is both an academic pursuit (I specialise in the religious and political history of Early Modern England) and a practical one (I’m one of the students on the IMPACT – Leadership in Public Life course run by the Conservative Christian Fellowship and an activist).

Portrait of Pratik DattaniPratik Dattani
Managing Director of Economics Policy Group and founder member of City Hindus Network (CHN)

Why I write for Good Works 
I feel like I am in good company with likeminded people who believe that the truth is that there is no one truth. That there is no one boiler-plated path one must follow. Because an oft-trodden path for one person may be the wrong turning for another. This applies in the corporate world just as it does in our personal life. And yet our conscience is there to help us ‘stay true’ to that higher purpose we feel we belong to. So let’s seek out together some kind of ‘enlightened discretion’ to help us do right in a complex world.

BarryBarry Dwyer
Lecturer in Business at London Met University

Why I write for Good Works
Organisations like Good Works are leading the way in showing all of us that local, national, and global problems need to be addressed and solved with creative ideas and fresh perspectives, not just the narrow economic perspective of profit maximisation. Business, politics, culture, society, and the economy are all about people, and it is people, not profit, that need to be the centre of all of our activities and endeavours. And this is not just faint hope. The hope of a better world for all of us requires action, and Good Works is an organisation that puts this hope into action. If you hope for a better world, and you want action to make it happen, please join us.

NickNick Franchini
Co-founder of Good Works

Why I write for Good Works 
Some people say what matters at work is not what you know but who you know. Others joke it’s what you can think of at the time! Well, I think what matters is ‘growing good’ rather than than looking the other way when something is ‘breaking bad’. Let’s build bridges and share good ideas with good will. If in doing so I can add a little common sense or humour to connect the heart and the mind (and the hands) then that is all to the good.

Gherardo Girardi pictureGherardo Girardi
Lecturer in micro-economics at London Met University

Why I write for Good Works
I really like and endorse Goodworks. I particularly like the talks which the group organizes. I feel that there is something special about them. I very much like the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with a diversity of people as that is an enriching experience.  I believe that when someone speaks according to God’s mind that somehow God himself is speaking and I feel this happens at these talks.

DavidDavid Roberts
Chairman of Good Works

Why I write for Good Works  
I feel that Good works is ahead of the game in taking us to the next step in our conscious awareness of what is the ‘Zeitgeist’ of our times; something that, at the moment, is felt, sensed and experienced by many but is not being articulated and given full expression by the conventional media. The notion that ethics and people oriented principles have a profound effect on the way we live and experience our lives is tacitly acknowledged by many but it needs a network of like-minded people with a common platform to create a sufficiently strong critical mass of united thought. Once sufficient momentum is attained a new paradigm of understanding will enter the mainstream of work and business

Colin Smith portraitColin Smith
Dexterity Consultancy & The Listener

Why I write for Good Works
There are those moments in your life when someone you meet or something you see simply clicks and you just know it is right for you. This was what happened when I met Nick and learned more about Good Works. With my own work, essentially focusing on connecting to the human being, I can see both parallels and alignments to the focus of Good Works. So I am not needing to change or compromise my own way of being to be able to express myself by writing here.

Mark Portrait IMG_0151Mark Thompson
Founder of Courageous Life and Holos Change

Why I write for Good Works
Holos means ‘whole’. Wholeness calls for us each individually to be whole, and it also calls for the systems and structures we live inside to be more sensitive and lasting than the latest profit statement. Too many indicators are now bleeping with warning: social trust, the basis of our economy, industrial profligacy, pollution of our own resources and food chains, extinction of species, climate change, social inequality, religious tension and empirical war fighting, wealth imbalance – the list goes on. Consciousness, and conscious leadership, will be our only route out of this place.

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