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Press release about the William Temple Foundation joining as partners
Pilot retreat for Catholics on the May Day Bank Holiday 2016

Update 19 April 2016
The pilot retreat for Catholics at Boarbank Hall is now booked out. Thank you to all our participants and intermediaries for making this possible. We have created a waiting list in case there are any late cancellations. There is also some limited space for day visitors. For details please email Nick Franchini at nfranchini@hotmail.co.uk

This project consists of twelve retreats for different faith/belief groups and then a final multi-faith/belief gathering and celebration to be filmed for a documentary. Each retreat brings together one faith group at a time to explore their faith in work using one single common framework based on universal ethical principles and spiritual capital. This format takes ecumenical, multi-faith and faith/secular dialogue to a new and profound level. 

The planned retreats are as follows:











Secular Spiritual 

Secular Non-spiritual

The integrity and robustness of an academic research project
A partner for each faith group will convene up to twenty four participants i.e. two professionals from up to twelve walks of life to ensure a broad perspective and cross-pollination of ideas, techniques and insights. We anticipate it will take three to four years to complete this project.

Challenging rather than just ‘motherhood and Apple pie’
These retreats are designed to provide a bridge across the economy and society to nurture a common understanding and innovative action. To achieve this involves engaging with a number of challenges such as accepting:

– Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom, truth, faith or charity
– We deepen our beliefs and integrity when we opens ourselves up to otherness
– All people of good will can come together if they focus on their innate humanity
– That to be virtuous and objective we have to focus on the Common Good and Human Dignity rather than our private interests.

A visual anchor for personal and group reflection and academic research
This picture is designed to be in harmony with all twelve of the faith/belief groups involved in this project. This imaginery landscape is actually based on the Cumbrian landscape around Boarbank Hall which is the venue for the first retreat. It is also available for future retreats. 

Faith in Work - Rich Picture V1.2

This project is anchored in an academic research project designed by the curators who include leading academics in relevant areas such as Economics, Augustinian and Virtue Ethics, Catholic Social Teaching, Peace and Reconciliation Studies, and ‘Spiritual Capital’. To preserve the integrity of each retreat as a rich source of knowledge the academic research takes place before and after each retreat.

A final Multi-Faith Retreat filmed as a television documentary
The final retreat will be a multi-faith gathering to be filmed for a TV documentary. Originally the curators envisaged this would bring together just two representatives of each retreat and walk of life. But the initial feedback from the first pilot is that many participants would value the opportunity to be part of a much bigger and more festive celebration of diversity.

Call to action
This year Pope Francis has extended an open invitation to all people of good will including Catholics to live a ‘Year of Mercy’. In that spirit we extend a warm invitation to like minded individuals and organisations to join us so that together we can begin to recover our ‘faith in work’ so that The Common Good and Human Dignity may flourish together.

Together, let’s create the convivial and diverse gatherings that are needed together with practical and imaginative solutions to communicate the outcomes.

To express an interest as an individual or organisation in one of the retreats planned for other faith groups (including the secular spiritual) please email Nick Franchini at nfranchini@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you.




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