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SMEs represent a huge part of both our economy and society so any initiative about ethics must include them.Good Works’ founders include SME owners and we are interested in promoting grassroots initiatives that promote Good ethics among SMEs. The challenge is as big and complex as the SME sector itself. To begin with it is important to lead by example. After all, many of our members run consultancies that provide services to major corporations and public sector organisations. It is important that they are seen to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to Good ethics. We can then have the credibility to share ideas and help build a network for Good ethics across the SME sector.We are already working with other organisations to help develop Good ethics among SMEs and here are a couple of examples.

ORB LogoThe Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB) is, at a basic level, a business membership organisation specifically for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We value the fact that it is a genuine grassroots initiative. Its founder Jill Poet has a refreshing ‘no nonsense’ approach to ‘responsible business’ and she is an excellent advocate of Good ethics to and for SMEs.

ORB is open to SMEs that can demonstrate a commitment to doing business in a responsible way – from a sole proprietor to a medium sized company with many employees. No business is too small to get involved.

We recommend SME owners/managers try the short online ORB Responsible Business Questionnaire. Just click here. SMEs can, without commitment, find out whether they measure up to ORB’s threshold for membership.Or you can simply email Jill at
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The ORB also offers a Responsible Business Workbook, the Responsible Business Standard (a full onsite auditable certification validated by Anglia Ruskin University). Also in development is a Business & Community Charter for roll out across the UK. For more information on these initiatives click here.

Like Good works ORB is an independent organisation that also works closely with public sector organisations, NGOs and across various business sectors.

“Doing the right work rather than just more work”

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Good Works has helped the BBB to set up a project just for SMEs. The BBB is currently testing it’s own workshop to engage SME owners with their ethical framework and principles. Click here to visit their website for general information about the BBB. Enquiries can be directed to Dave Hartnett there.


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