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LSE CathSoc January 2016 – presented by Alumnus Dr Gherardo Girardi, micro-economist and Resident Academic at Good Works

Introductory workshop for a Good Career
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About the Good Works Society (GWS)

The Society was spun out of Good Works in 2015 ‘by young people and for young people’. We bring together people and organisations in Universities to share ideas and insights so that those who value ethics in the workplace, such as The Common Good and Human Dignity*, can develop a #GoodCareer. And we can draw on Good Works’ multi-disciplinary network of established professionals to help you.

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*To read more about our universal ethical principles just click here.

With a great education comes a great responsibility
Philip Booth pictured at the lecturnThe term ‘universal ethical principles’ implies these are ethics that apply to everyone. Ethics is not confined to medicine or banking. Philip Booth explained this very well in his address to students at the first graduation ceremony for St. Mary’s University following its designation as an independent university. The ceremony took place at Westminster Cathedral on 20th July 2015. Philip is both Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics at St. Mary’s and the Academic and Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Click here for a transcript of his speech complete with ‘out-takes’.

Two alternative workshops piloted in the academic year 2015-16:

Woman boxer with title Get Fit for PurposeCareer Bootcamp – Get fit for purpose has been co-created with an international recruitment consultancy called Gi Group UK which is part of an international network that operates in more than 40 countries around the world. This workshop has been piloted at Queen Mary University, St. Mary’s University and Birkbeck University of London.

To maximise their effectiveness these workshops are delivered in partnership with the local Careers Office and extra-curricular Career programmes in host Universities.

This is designed specifically for students who are ambitious and focused on their careers but who may not have an overt interest in philosophy, ethics, politics or faith. It presents students with dilemmas so that they can feel what it is like to be faced with high stakes ethical challenges or opportunities at work. Click here for more.


YoursFaithfullyPostcard-FrontImageYours faithfully was co-created with the University Catholic Chaplaincy Network and has been piloted with the University Chaplaincies of ten universities across the country including in Southampton, Manchester and Durham.

The first priority of the project is to help students with their career discernment so they can make coherent life choices.

The project is also designed to help chaplains and chaplaincies by integrating into their work our universal ethical principals with a ‘bottom up’ approach. Click here to find out more about this project.

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