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Good Ethics panel

Good Works enables professionals and entrepreneurs to stay true to good ethics at work and the field of whistleblowing is no exception.

As mentioned in our leader article on
‘Just Culture’ in the aviation industry
, a good employer does whatever they can to ensure employees can with confidence speak up inside the firm about matters of public concern.

“In the long run doing the right thing is just good business.”

Our network includes leading experts in this field.
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Public Concern at Work (PCaW).

To get you the best available advice we are working closely with the UK’s leading authority on whistleblowing – Public Concern at Work (PCaW). Established in 1993, PCaW have led the new approach to whistleblowing that – both at home and abroad – recognises the key role it can play in anticipating and avoiding serious risks that arise in and from the workplace.

Public Concern at Work aims to help make whistleblowing work so that dangers, wrongdoing and serious risks that threaten the public good are deterred or at least detected before serious damage is caused. They pursue this aim through a free confidential advice line, the support and services they provide to organisations, policy work and public education activities. Through these activities they promote the role of whistleblowing in furthering organisational accountability, individual responsibility and public confidence. All their activities help to promote the public interest and are for the public good in that they benefit citizens, consumers, patients, regulators, shareholders, tax payers and the vulnerable, both individually and collectively.

PCaW Contact Details

Here are the weblinks for both employers and employees. We also include the home page so that you can explore everything that PCAW does.

Through our close working relationship we can also offer our supporters a direct contact dedicated to working with us on developing innovative ways to support employers and employees such as educational materials and peer to peer support.

“In any organisation the entire workforce is the best early warning system”

Advice for Good Works supporters
(For Employees or Employers whose starting point is familiarity with the principles and aims of Good Works)

Andrew Parsons
Email ap@pcaw.org.uk
Call 0203 117 2520

Business Support for Employers
We recommend that before contacting the PCAW you read the guidance on the web link below and read the article and listen to the podcast about Just Culture in the aviation industry.

Web link for more info
Email services@pcaw.org.uk or
Call +44 203 117 2520

Individual advice for employees
Web link for more info

“You helped me to step back and see the bigger picture, understand all of our options and helped me in particular try to remain calm in the face of extreme adversity”
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2013)

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Speak Out Speak Up

This consultancy was founded by Wendy Addison who was the whistleblower for the biggest case of corporate fraud in South African history.

Wendy Addison PhotoWendy now lives in England and is available as a speaker and facilitator. She offers a unique insight and a range of consultancy services based on her first hand experience. She has spoken on whistleblowing for the OECD and also for broadcast media. To find out more click here.


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