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Collated below is our first draft of the list of industries featured on this website. This will be regularly updated. Please email info@good-works.org.uk with suggestions for your industry so we can make this list helpful to a wider range of people. Thank you.

In alphabetical order

How the public architecture of Marks Barfield is a metaphor for The Common Good. 
Click here to see this archive blog from our Buffet Talk by Julia Barfield. Click here to read about Christopher Alexander’s ‘Pattern Language’ to manage ‘granularity’ in urban planning, architecture and building.

Change Management
Click here for content on organisational and cultural change – “winning hearts and minds”.

Charities we work with who share our good ethics.

“Putting Mankind at the centre of Economics” – An anthology of podcasts and articles collated for our February 2016 newsletter.

Mike Rebeiro of Norton Rose Fulbright speaking at our first ever Buffet Talk on the principle of Human Dignity.

The BBC Panorama programme has revealed that Apple’s global success has a sting in the tail. We would argue that this is a reminder to all of us that the best of intentions can lead somewhere rather bad. Check out this blog from December with an addendum from February.

The crisis in Gaza in the summer of 2015 must have been tough to deal with for most news broadcast professionals – but maybe they could have handled it differently. Maybe an opportunity was missed to express solidarity and even help Gaza escape it’s predicament… a personal statement by Good Works co-founder Nick Franchini. 

An exclusive interview with Lord David Richards former head of the British Armed Forces on his defence of the Government of Sierra Leone as a case study of the principle of Subsidiarity.

Lessons on Empowerment from a Submarine
Blog with Video about a US Navy Captain who turned his world upside down

Our guest speaker Leandro Herrero has extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry. Check out quotes from our Buffet Talk on Solidarity and also weblinks about his work in change management as an ‘Organisation Architect’.

‘Growing retail by managing upside down’ – An exclusive interview with John Timpson about his phenomenally successful philosophy of ‘upside down management’.

Social Enterprise
‘Rubies in the Rubble’ is relatively unique but surely a sign of things to come. The founders describe it as a ‘social business’ or ‘with profit social enterprise’ – Click here for quotes from their appearance on our speakers panel at our first Buffet Talk on Human Dignity.

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