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Good Works is a young organisation, but we’re growing. We need your voice
behind us to really make an impact. You can help us grow, and help us
put ethical behaviour at work on the agenda in every workplace.

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  Support our work of promoting ethical behaviour in workplaces.

  Help us support people who face ethical dilemmas or bullying at work.

  Raise the profile of ethical issues and choices.

  Identify yourself as someone who believes in doing the right thing.

As a member you’ll get:

  Discounted entry to Good Works events and seminars

  Email updates, and thought provoking online articles about ethics

  The chance to network and exchange ideas with other members

  The opportunity to support others who face ethical dilemmas,
     or get support from other members

  An invitation to our Membership launch party in the Spring.

In addition, Student Members of our Good Works Society will have the opportunity to meet up with Good Works supporters in Universities and Colleges, and exclusive invites to special events, gatherings and lectures on the subject of workplace ethics.


As workplaces become more complex, doing your job involves more choices. Ethical issues have never been more important. Good Works can be a driving force to make doing the right thing he norm. 

Perhaps you have faced ethical issues at work.  Perhaps you haven’t, but you just believe in doing what’s right. Whatever your personal experience, help Good Works to make a real impact.

Opportunities to volunteer and/or be a Trustee

If you would like to learn more about current opportunities then click here. Thank you.

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