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  • Do you need someone to confide in?
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When you feel ready please get in touch with us by email at

We can arrange how best to find out more about what you need. We have over 180 academics, professionals and entrepreneurs in our network who you can draw on for support tailored to your particular needs. Our network brings together people starting out in their career, people at their peak and people winding down. Bear in mind most of us are in and around London as that is where we were founded. But there are only four degrees of separation out there in the professional world! 

Whether you are looking for in depth expert advice or just encouragement for an opportunity or an issue just ask. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked.

We do recommend new users read our leader article and listen to the podcast it contains as it brings together so many different dimensions of good ethics in one global success story. What could be a better place to start?

Our References section on the main menu has a range of different types of supporting material as well.

“Thank you so much. I can see avenues I didn’t know existed”

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