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Dear Reader

There are many dimensions to good ethics, this website and the weblinks it contains. If it would be helpful to just ask us a question so you can find what you are looking for then just pop us an email to

We aim to answer within 12 hours Monday to Friday. Our policy is to provide a prompt answer rather than a long one so you might be luckier. At the moment all responses come from London.

The only dumb question is the one that wasn’t asked :-)

We do recommend new users read our leader article and listen to the podcast it contains as it brings together so many different dimensions of good ethics in one global success story.
What could be a better place to start?

Fortune favours the brave!

Our References section on the main menu has a range of different types of supporting material as well which we will build up over time with our partners.

Feel free to get in touch and in the mean time we wish you happy browsing.

Nick Franchini
Good Works co-founder

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