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Home Page Sticky Notes
These nine sticky notes displayed on our homepage are designed to be signposts for newcomers to Good Works.  Existing supporters will find these useful when introducing Good Works to colleagues. We invite everyone to provide feedback on how these sticky notes and introductory pages can be enhanced. The first one on ‘Just Culture is our Lead Article for the whole website.

Good ethics anchored in universal ethical principles
Our understanding of living and working with ‘good ethics’ is anchored by a timeless framework of seven principles recognised by academics both ancient and modern. Click here


Good News newsletters
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Weekly Broadcast/Article/Book Archive
Broadcasts, Articles & Books of the Week.
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The current week is on the homepage.

Online Audio & Video
Our first selection of four videos and audio podcasts is on the foot of our homepage. More will be added to a dedicated web page. Suggestions our welcome at

Inspiring Quotes about Ethics
Click here for a collection of quotations curated by Good Works. Feel free to email suggestions for additions to

Reading about applied ethics –
‘making it real’ 
Click here for good reads in a wide range of subjects and formats.

These are listed in the Good Solutions section. 

Organisations/Networks (promoting good ethics) A full list of organisations we work with will be made available soon. But the most active organisations are already featured all over this website, principally under the Sticky Notes on the home page.


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