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Insights in how to apply these Principles in the workplace

Good Works is all about practical applications that are grounded in robust theory. 
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Our Framework of Seven Interdependent Principles

What we stand for instinctively feels right, but there is also a growing body of academic work, both ancient and modern, to support what we stand for. Our cornerstone is an ethical framework for organisations curated by an independent charity based in London called The Blueprint for Better Business (The Blueprint). This framework is based on seven universal and interdependent ethical principles developed by philosophers and theologians from the ancients to the very latest academics.

Summaries, Buffet Talks and Third Party Links for each Principle

Each principle is listed below as a web link to a dedicated webpage and in the case of the first five, a dedicated Buffet Talk.

First of all at the heart of this framework is a dynamic pairing of two principles:
Human Dignity  and 
The Common Good. 

This pair depends on five more principles:

This framework has over a hundred years of academic pedigree behind it including a unique body of thought on how people can more effectively organise themselves in a way that benefits all humanity including future generations. This body of thought is called Catholic Social Teaching and it is derived from the Gospels and earlier writings including the virtue ethics of Aristotle.

Exploring new principles

The Ethics of Scale

This can be interpreted as the flipside of externalities to ‘The Economies of Scale’.

e.g. Proportionality.

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