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  • Reframing the meaning of ‘corporate success’
  • “Walking the talk”
  • Working in partnership with others
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What would this world look like?

Would it be a workplace where when people leave they are more ethical than when they arrive, rather than perhaps the other way round?

Would it be where partnerships between organisations are driven by a higher purpose such as The Common  Good?

Whatever it turns out to be, it will only start with us ‘walking the talk’ of good ethics.

It’s about the journey rather than the destination. It’s about asking the right questions with the right intentions rather than assuming we alone have the answers. This is how to be credible.

“A more ethical world is impossible without ethical corporations”

Good works aims to help by making the universal ethical principles recognised by philosophers and theologians part of mainstream culture. An essential part of this is engaging with professionals and entrepreneurs as individuals so corporates and other initiatives that promote good ethics are connected by a multi-disciplinary, multi-generational and multi-faith network that can help reframe what ‘success’ really means. This will help add momentum, creativity and opportunity to the progress being made by pioneering corporate leaders like Paul Polman of Unilever.

Here are some of the organisations we are working with:
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The Blueprint for Better Business (The Blueprint) offers the corporation a ‘roadmap’ to adopt the higher purpose of serving society. The Blueprint and Good Works share a definition of this higher purpose which is anchored in timeless Aristotelian virtue ethics and Catholic Social Teaching.

For the sake of simplicity, when the Blueprint published its own ‘Principles and Framework‘ Good Works adopted it and set aside its own similar ‘Good Works Principles’.

This body of work benefits from an intensive collaboration by a specially chosen team of philosophers and theologians who are all experts in their field. This is the anchor for our good ethics and we will work with partners whose principles and values are compatible.

We complement each other as the Blueprint works with corporate executives such as Paul Polman with a ‘top down’ approach whereas Good works engages individuals with a bottom up, grassroots approach which encourages creativity and experimentation in how to make good ethics a routine part of the workplace.

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We are working with the new London chapter of an international movement called Conscious Capitalism which takes its name from a book co-written by the founder of Wholefoods Market. Jennifer WilsonLocal co-ordinator and leadership coach Jennifer Wilson was our guest for a workshop to explore the multi-faith dimension to good ethics.

The UK Chapter of Conscious Capitalism
The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism.

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The UK Values Alliance is a collaborative group that is seeking to promote the role of values in individuals, organisations and society. It has it’s roots in the work of the Barratt Values Centre. The members are individuals and organisations who are either interested or active in the field of values. LizMurphy2014Our contact is Liz Murphy who is Head of Talent at Old Mutual which is a client of the Barrett Values Centre.Click here


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